Research & Development

Muzacorp’s understanding on the needs of customized solutions for each client, coupled with years of experience complying to OEM specifications have equipped us with the relevant knowledge and discipline to be in the the ever dynamic and demanding marketplace.

Our team of engineers and quality control personnel are available to make sure your products are developed to meet your most stringent requirements. We will work with your quality control engineers to devise testing apparatus and protocols that accurately measure product performance

.We are ISO 9001 and 13485 compliant and employ Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to produce your customized parts. Adherence to these strict quality assurance standards, applied throughout the entire process guarantees the highest level of quality for your finished product.

Our QA and R&D Department are together responsible for:

  • Components development and design
  • Materials selection
  • Tool design
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Fault analysis / Quality control

Whether you need statistical sampling or 100% inspection, Muzacorp has the capability to handle your large and small volume production needs. Feel free to contact us with your new product development requirements in order to streamline your quality protocol with our in house practices.