Medical Packaging Solutions

Being involved in the manufacturing of medical devices, Muzacorp truly understands the very demanding requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical segments. Our vast technical know-how,  engineering resources and a matching Quality Assurance systems enable us to provide you with the best package for your application.

Whether your needs are peelable structures with wide sealing windows and consistent seal strengths, packaging that provides chemical resistance, specific barrier properties, thermoformable or pressure formable webs, we have the resources to provide a reliable, consistent, high quality products for you.

We specializes in the production of high quality, medical, dental, and food packaging. We are familiar in thin and thick gauge materials ranging from Styrene, PVC, PETG, PP, and high molecular weight polyethylene, to technically demanding polycarbonates.

We have been providing medical, pharmaceutical, food and even other commercial packaging solutions to our customers with a level of service that exceeds expectations.

  • High-speed automatic in-line equipment for faster cycle times for higher volumes
  • Bar code and EDI capable
  • Pressure forming for diagnostic equipment
  • Products can be custom flexo-printed in up to 4 colours
  • Validation runs in a 100k and 10k cleanroom controlled environment
  • Material thicknesses from .010″ to .250″
  • Material ranging from HIPS to polycarbonates
  • Packaging sizes up to 65″ long catheter trays and 25″ deep tubs
  • Capability to manufacture any style clam shell
  • Products are available in clear, blue tint, white, or color-matched to your requirements
  • Option of Sterilization Ink available
  • As a highly capable medical packaging thermoformer, Muzacorp strives to deliver various products, high skill and advanced services, numerous capabilities, and a wide range of value added services including computer 3D modeling, prototyping, sampling and also tool (jigs) design to our partners.

    Even though we use high-speed in-line equipment to handle the most demanding volume and delivery requirements, we also welcome smaller orders that other companies turn away. At Muzacorp, we would like learn and grow together with our clients.

    We embrace any chance to show you our capabilities including competitive prices and quick turnaround on all size orders. Feel free to contact us at any point of your product development stage to discuss on how our specialty can add-value to your company.