About Us


Muzacorp started off by importing and trading of packaging paper for Ethylene Oxide sterilization application since 1999. We imported bleached kraft paper from Europe in jumbo roll form and converted them to customized widths and lengths for local consumption.



We expanded our operations by importing and converting other medical grade raw materials including thermoplastic elastomers, aluminium pouches or Gamma sterilization, plastic resins and laminated packaging films.



As we continue to develop strategic partnerships with principals and end-users, Muzacorp have slowly explored into innovative products and services to add into our portfolio covering not only pharmaceutical, but also general industrial applications.



Since we value and treat our end-users as partners in the product planning and supply-chain management, we are able to gather first-hand data, experience and knowledge to satisfy our customers’ specific requirements and application.



Muzacorp has grown from those humble beginnings into a vertically-integrated enterprise. Realizing there is potential for sustainability and growth, we hope to capitalize on our knowledge pool, resources and ambitions to continuously improve our quality and service levels.