Muzacorp strives towards  ISO14001 international standard for environmental management. We put our business operations in line with the environmental conservation movement.




  • Promoting energy saving through the ‘no-excessiveness, no-unevenness and no-wastefulness’ effort
  • Pursuing a resource-reduce and recycle policy through improving inventory efficiency through 5-S effort
  • Reducing a total volume of waste especially through curbing irregular items in the processing lines
  • Promoting activities for reducing environmental impacts while controlling environment degrading materials




You can take simple steps to making our life greener and in doing so helping the environment. At Muzacorp, we too continuously aim at doing something positive for the environment.

  • We will comply with law and regulations, social rules and the requirements to which the company has voluntarily committed itself
  • We will manage progress reports submitted by each section required to set goals and targets under s specific action plans
  • This environment policy and practices should be made public
  • We will cordially ask our customers and suppliers to understand this policy and try to put their business operations in line with this environment policy