EO Sterilization & Validation


Muzacorp provides Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization services according to ISO11135 standards. We are able to manage both validation and on-going sterilization processes to provide our clients with complete documentation and product traceability. Using an advanced tracking, barcode and recording systems, we are also able to monitor the movement and status of your goods.



The relatively low process temperature (in comparison to steam sterilization) has made Ethylene Oxide sterilization an excellent, proven and effective method for the sterilization of medical devices.Sterilization of healthcare products —Requirements for validation and routine control

  • Medical devices — Validation and routine control of ethylene oxide sterilization, AAMI/ISO 11135
  • Sterilization of medical devices – Validation and routine control of ethylene oxide sterilization, EN550 (European standard)
  • Biological evaluation of medical devices — Part 7: Ethylene oxide sterilization residues, AAMI/ISO 10993-7
  • Sterilization of medical devices — Microbiological methods



Being within the Klang Valley area, we are close to the point of production and distribution, hence providing flexibility and reduced logistics costs. We offer pick-up services of non-sterilized goods and delivery services for sterilized products at a very competitive rate.



To date,we have also been assisting our clients with regulatory matters such as product registration, sterilization validation and certification of products for export.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss about your sterilization requirements.