Flexible Plastic Films


Muzacorp deals in various High Speed Tight Pack, Twist Wrap Film, Synthetic Paper Film, High Bonding Low Heat-seal Metallized CPP/BOPP Film, Opaque Pearlized Film, Matt Finished Film, Thin Film for Tape Application and others.



Muzacorp will be able to offer flexible films for most application required. Since the properties of single web films can be significantly enhanced by the addition of coatings, the results of laminating materials together can produce films tailored to provide the ideal pack environment for any application. The following is a short summary of some of the more common types of materials that we deals in, the benefits they provide and some indication of their general applications from our portfolio.



The range of film converted is from 50mm to 2500mm along with options of perforating and centrefolding. A regular programme of machine replacement and upgrades enables us to easily accommodate peak demand for our local and regular customers. On the other hand, our stock keeping policy is geared towards high flexibility and high traffic.



At Muzacorp, we always try to assist our clients to seek for better films year by year in order to cater a wider range of products. We visit trade shows across Asia region and even Europe. Our objective is to find new films which give our customers a competitive edge in cost, quality, running speed, shelf life etc. We are confident that we are in a good position to expand our product offerings by optimizing our existing and expanding production facilities.



We believe our expanding capacity and product range will be competitive and will indirectly add-value to your specific purchasing and manufacturing needs. For local businesses, we also offer services as Supermarket liaison and new packaging machine installations for your new product launch! Feel free to contact us to discuss more about our flexible plastic products and services.