Plastic Injection Molding (OE)



Our approach when designing molding solutions evolved around years of experience to make sure our product satisfy your specifications. At Muzacorp, we offer :

  • complete design
  • engineering
  • prototype
  • manufacturing capabilities

To ensure consistency in the molding process, we monitor material properties, mixing, molding operations, and final product conformance to specifications. Furthermore, our experienced team members work towards maintaining an ‘in-control’ molding process. The master-batches are only mixed under strict controls using dedicated and centralized ‘loading-system’, to ensure control and traceability at any point of time.



Being in the medical devices industry, we have vast experience in meeting extremely tight specifications for parts used in critical applications.  Everything we do begins with a computer generated solid model to verify concept and fit.

  • Solid modeling design capability and a prototype shop
  • Dedicated toolmakers who execute your approved design
  • A wide range of low-cost tooling
  • Assistance in structural and use analysis
  • Material selection and advice
  • Prototype capabilities



This approach will enable shorter lead times, lower costs, and improved manufacturing efficiencies. As we specialize in short to medium run jobs requiring a quick turnaround. our Tool & Die department can quickly perform repairs or adjustments to keep your mold running. Data on cure rates and physical properties are charted and reviewed to assure consistency of the mixed compounds, specific to your specifications.



Until today, we’ve injection molded millions of parts for some of the most prominent companies in the region. As our customer, you can always expect to receive high quality molded parts on time.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibility of sharing expertise.