Recycled Plastics & Polymer


Having produced runners from our own plastic injection molding, we regrind and compound our own scrap parts for re-use and even for sale. After years of utilizing our in-house facilities, we gathered more experience and knowledge from this recycling process. We have since expanded this business segment and currently deals in the recycling and compounding of plastic resins.



We help manufacturers to clear their unwanted rejects, purge lumps, broken crates, shrink wrap, or anything else plastic that maybe recyclable. Our in-house technicians can carry out on-site assessments to determine which of your scrap products are recyclable. We can even provide rental bins for loading the scrap into, ready for us to collect, and store until ready to process.



Muzacorp are able to mix scrap plastic with colorants, fillers, reinforcements and virgin resin to produce high quality polymers. At the same time, to ensure controlled quality on our products, our dedicated QA Dept would be able to provide :

  • Melt flow Data
  • Izod Impact Data
  • Tensile Strength Data
  • Moisture Content Data



We also produce compounds from post-consumer plastic waste, such as polyethylene terephtalate (PET). We buy scrap from collection chain, where industrial waste or post-consumer reclaim has been collected, separate, clean so as to avoid reprocessed with contaminants.