Research & Development


We  understand the need for customized solutions for each client and end-users. Coupled with years of experience complying to OEM specifications,  our R&D team is now equipped with the required approach, knowledge and discipline when given new requirements.



Our engineers and quality control personnel will make sure all products comply with the stringent requirements as provided. We will work with all stakeholders involved in devising testing protocols to accurately guarantee product’s performance.



Since we are ISO compliant and employ Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), we ensure that these quality approach and operating standards are applied throughout the entire development and testing stages to produce high quality finished products.



Our R&D team is responsible for:

  • Components development and design
  • Materials selection
  • Tool design
  • Manufacturing process optimization
  • Fault analysis / Quality control


Feel free to contact us with your new product development requirements. We look forward to streamlining your quality protocols with our in house practices.